Christmas Fire Crackers

Christmas Fire Crackers

Well here it is, Merry Christmas as the Slade classic goes. This ubiquitous but really cheery song seems to be playing interminably on loop at the local radio station that provides background encouragement to our guys in the warehouse.

At this time of year we anticipate a slowdown in demand as businesses and schools take a break and homeowners turn their attention to the preparations for Christmas and New Year. Contrary to what we might expect the warehouse is still buzzing thanks, in the main part, to the winter chill, as customers scramble for our winter maintenance safety products, snow scoops, ice melts and the like.

But Christmas has more deadly potential than the snow and ice and I offer a timely reminder to take extra care at Christmas as sad to say, statistically it is the peak time for residential fires.
Don’t put wet clothes to dry either on or in front of space heaters or open fires as at best you might ruin the best winter coat and at worse you might start a damaging fire that wrecks more than just your family Christmas.
Don’t leave lit candles unattended and always extinguish before retiring to bed, the latter task requiring at least one person to remain vaguely compos mentis amongst the drunken revelry.
Turn off Christmas lights at the socket when retiring or leaving home to visit friends, family or the local hostelry.
A real fire of yuletide logs looks fantastic but use a fireguard and let the fire burn well down before hitting the sack.
Test your smoke alarm and if you don’t have one make it a late addition to your letter to Santa.
Oh and one last thing –  if like me you set fire to the Christmas pud using a generous slug of brandy as the accelerant  – do it at the table in front of the family. It is more fun for the kids and more importantly a good deal safer that walking from kitchen to diner carrying a flaming hot dish!! (I find if you warm the brandy first over a low flame or candle it is easier to light).

Have a very happy and very safe Christmas and New Year and may all your wishes come true.



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