Do it yourself?

Do it yourself?

Car engines today are so sophisticated that I guess most of us don’t have the expertise to “tinker” with them if they go wrong but opt to take them straight into the garage.

Whether you take the Garage option or have the confidence to try a repair or an oil change and more likely own a car of an age where the mechanics are far easier to understand, it is no less annoying to discover oil has leaked all over your drive?

It doesn’t matter if you are a capable mechanic or take it into the garage either way you have to clean up the mess.

What would be more than useful in this situation is one of our mini oil only spill kits. The high absorbency pads can be placed beneath an oil leak or padded round a leaking gasket and the socks used to contain and absorb any spills, for example from the sump.  Having a spill kit would solve one problem leaving you to decide on whether to consult the car manual and do it yourself or consult the Yellow pages for a garage mechanic!



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