Fire Service gets on trend with its smoke alarm competition

Fire Service gets on trend with its smoke alarm competition

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has come up with a way to make checking a smoke alarm fashionable by combining it with social media, and promoting UK Home Safety Week at the same time.

The organisation has asked everyone in the county to take a ‘selfie’, or picture of themselves, testing a smoke alarm in a novel way, and post it on the Fire Service Facebook page at The best will win High Street vouchers.

Our SelfieDebbie Robinson, Deputy Community Fire Safety Manager, says: “We are running this competition to encourage people to check their alarms and share their pictures with us and their family and friends. They could use the stems from a bunch of flowers they have bought for their mum to push the alarm’s button, or maybe the handle of a frying pan before they cook her breakfast,” she said. “If their alarm doesn’t work when they take their selfie, they should let us know and we will book them in for a free home fire safety check.”

Although the competition is light-hearted, the message behind it is an extremely serious one – the need to reduce the number of people who die in accidental house fires in England every year, which was more than 200 in 2013 alone. Debbie said: “If a smoke alarm works it can buy you and your family the valuable time you need to escape a fire and dial 999 in an emergency. If it doesn’t, you could be up to four times more likely to die in a fire.”


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