How prepared are you?

How prepared are you?

Maybe it is the pace of life today but the fact is we rarely take the time to plan for emergencies and put contingencies in place to deal with the unexpected. Why not take time out to see how prepared you really are.
Ask yourself

1. Do you and your family have agreed escape routes out of your home and have you rehearsed what you would all do in the event of a fire?

2. Do your family know where to meet if you have to evacuate your home?

3. Do you have access to a torch in every bedroom? An alternative would be to have emergency light sticks.

4. Do you keep footwear near your bed in case you have to evacuate during the night?

5. If you have a 2 or three storey house would you be able to escape through a window? – a portable escape ladder would help.

6. If you had a water leak do you know how to turn the water off at the mains? Do you need a tool to do this? If so is the tool nearby?

7. Do you know how to turn the gas off if you have a leak?

8. Do you regularly test your smoke alarms? Don’t  forget to replace the battery once a year

9. Do you have a fire extinguisher handy in case of small fires? A 1Kg or 2Kg Dry powder is a good all rounder.

10. Do you have spare keys and important papers stored outside your home or in fireproof containers?

11. If an emergency lasted for several days:

  • Would you be able to cook?
  • Would you have enough drinking water?
  • Do you have a first aid kit in your house and in your car?
  • Do you have an adequate supply of your prescription medicines?

This list is not exhaustive but is designed to get you thinking about your personal safety and of those around you particularly at this time of year. Any additional suggestions to improve safety would be welcome.



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