Huff and Puff

Huff and Puff

You sometimes have to wonder what is happening to common sense in these sceptred Isles.
I read recently that despite fierce opposition from environmentalists the Scottish Enterprise Minister finally approved the upgrade of a major power line involving 600 pylons up to 60m high spanning 220 kilometres and passing through the Cairngorm National Park.

At the same time environmentalists blinded by the quest for renewable energy are also supporting the construction of some 2000 additional onshore Wind Turbines 80 meters in height, many in plain sight of residential communities on otherwise pristine countryside.

The irony of the Scottish Highland project is that the pylons are primarily for distribution of Scotland’s renewable energy production – the holy grail of environmentalists and loony Greens – and will safeguard supplies for countless businesses and homes.

In an article in todays Yorkshire Post it transpires that during the prolonged cold spell our existing wind turbines were running at as little as 5% efficiency due to lack of wind. It gets worse as apparently these monolithic white elephants only work in the right kind of wind. They have to be shut down in gales and storms, aka when the energy in the wind is highest, to prevent damage.

This is the Achilles heel of the whole wind power renewable argument. Although the odd politician can claim to save the World, not one (as yet) can control the wind. How can we possibly base a coherent energy policy on an unknown quantity?

They are also fairly complex machines and apparently at any one time 10% are out of commission anyway awaiting repairs. Who bears the cost of this lunacy – the consumer who else.
The claimed economic benefit is also tempered by the fact that these turbines are all made overseas. There is not a single manufacturer in the UK.

Our energy to date has come from the application of heat, generated from fossil or nuclear fuels the latter carbon neutral. For me it is the only sensible way to go and the billions spent on the quest for renewables would be better spent on developing clean fuel technologies based on the abundant natural resources we can harness from within the UK.

At Fire and Safety Centre we are concerned primarily with safety both of the individual and the business customers we support, providing reliable and proven fire and safety products to combat the unexpected and unforeseen, Without securing an equally reliable and proven source of energy for our future the safety of society itself is put at risk. This is a far greater clear and present danger than climate change.



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