Just days remain for all firms to comply with Health and Safety poster regulation

Just days remain for all firms to comply with Health and Safety poster regulation

Firms have just days left to take down the old familiar Health and Safety Law poster and replace it with a newer, simplified version – or risk stepping outside the law.

It’s a requirement that all employers give their workers certain health & safety information, either by displaying the Health and Safety Law poster or giving everyone a copy of a leaflet or pocket card containing the same information.

POS035HSLL2If the preferred option for an employer is to display the poster – or posters, depending on the size and location of their premises – then by Saturday April 5th 2014 all copies of the old version should have been removed. In their place should be new ones, with the heading ‘Health and Safety Law: What you need to know’ – which has been available since 2009.

The law has been changed slightly; it is no longer compulsory for a company to add contact details of its enforcing authority and HSE’s Employment Medical Advisory Service. There is space to show details of any employee safety representatives or other health and safety contacts, but there’s no compulsion to fill them in.

The other options for passing this important information to employees are a pocket card and leaflets in standard, large print, easy read versions. There is even a talking leaflet too, and all are available from the Health & Safety Executive web site. If taking that option, employers are required to give one to every worker.


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