Fire Awareness advice for No Smoking Day

Fire Awareness advice for No Smoking Day

With No Smoking Day on the horizon, we want to use it as an opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking in the home – it’s more than just a health risk. With this in mind, allow Fire and Safety Centre to raise your fire awareness when smoking.

No Smoking Day 2016 will be held on Wednesday 9th March; the amazing British Heart Foundation are encouraging fire services to use this day as a way of raising awareness about the dangers of smoking in the home, with a view to improving the health of the public and reducing the amount of smoking-related incidents. We too think this is extremely important and encourage all smokers to take extreme care; not only for their own safety but for their family, friends and home too.

No Smoking Day 2016

Cigarettes: Fire Awareness Tips

Smoking cigarettes is the most common cause of fire death in the home, so it’s amazing that so many of us still do it. Did you know that last year alone, around three fires a day in London were linked to smoking and half of accidental fire deaths were related to the inadequate disposal of cigarettes? Just taking a little more care and consideration whilst smoking can be the difference between life and death – here are our tips for practising fire safety when smoking in the home:

• Don’t smoke in bed or anytime you think you may fall asleep
• Stub out cigarettes properly and dispose of them with care
• Never leave a lit cigarette laying around
• Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children and make sure to buy child-resistant lighters
• Use a proper ashtray that is made with a non-flammable material, emptying often to avoid overflow
• Consider specialist equipment such as fire retardant bedding

E-Cigarettes: A good or bad idea?

These days, cigarettes aren’t the only thing that people are smoking: e-cigarette use is on the rise. These devices were created to act as a substitute for a normal cigarette with the user inhaling vapour instead of smoke. This may sound like a good idea, but there has been over 100 fires blamed on these devices in the past two years. The Chief Fire Officers Association offers these tips for e-cigarettes:

• Always use the correct charger and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
• Never charge a battery that has signs of damage, that has been dropped, or has been subjected to impact
• Check that your e-cigarette battery has overcharge or overheat protection
• Remove the battery from charge when complete – don’t over charge
• Don’t use if wet or exposed to water
• Ensure that you dispose of batteries correctly

As you can see, a lot of these tips fall into the category of common sense, but people still manage to ignore these procedures and sometimes pay the price. If you’re going to buy an e-cigarette, we strongly recommend buying from an approved seller that has permission to sell these products, as opposed to buying them from the cheapest seller online – it just makes sense!


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