Pants on Fire – Do you have a fire story that can top this one?

Pants on Fire – Do you have a fire story that can top this one?

You may recall my earlier blog about the two guys who tried to heat a can of beans using an electric toaster and set fire to their home in the process. Well I think even this act of gross stupidity has to be topped by a man in Weymouth who decided that the quickest way to dry his underpants was to put them in the microwave.

Homer Simpson Pants on fire
The ensuing blaze was spotted at the second floor flat on Market Street in Weymouth at about 22:45pm last Sunday. According to the attending fire crew the chap was led to safety by neighbours in the adjoining flats, presumably minus underpants,

How a fire risk assessor would make allowances for such fire risks under the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order is an interesting question. Compliance is hard enough particularly as in the absence of clear guidelines or a standard Fire Risk Assessment Form interpretation and thereby enforcement varies wildly across the UK.

Perhaps mindful of some of the inconsistencies in the RRO on the 1st August the Government launched a consultation process seeking views and suggestions from businesses about their experiences and opinions of complying with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and working with their local fire and rescue services. The input, particularly from SME’s will be taken into account in a “full” review of fire safety policy.

The consultation closes on 31st August so if you want the opportunity to influence future government policy fire safety go to the website and have your say.

According to Fire minister Bob Neill the review “will help ensure that regulations are applied in a common sense way, ensuring that we continue to protect lives and property from harm.”

Three cheers for that.

If you think you have a fire safety story that can best this one, then let us know in the comments section below!


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  • Dean @ Fire Safety Reply

    This story will be hard to beat even though it made me chuckle it demonstrates such silliness, who would ever think to put there trousers in the microwave, somehow more fire safety awareness needs to spread to ensure silly incidents like the above don’t happen and put people lives at risk, the consultation is a good start allowing people to have some input.

    September 10, 2012 at 8:53 am

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