Plan Ahead for Winter Weather Conditions

Plan Ahead for Winter Weather Conditions

Winter in the countrysideDepending on which weather forecast you believe the chances of another harsh winter are high and the tabloids have already run with “Snowmageddon” headlines predicting an early return to the arctic conditions experienced last year. Scientists believe we are entering a natural climatic cycle where the combination of low sunspot activity and changes in deep ocean water temperatures combine to create much colder winters in the northern hemisphere. Similar conditions are thought to have been the principle trigger for mini ice ages in the more recent past.

Long range weather forecasts are of course notoriously unpredictable but the best advice is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The first priority in your winter safety preparations is to ensure staff and customers can come and go in safety which means keeping site entrances, walkways and car parks free of ice and snow.

Natural rock salt is the de-icer of choice for our roads and motorways but the high level of impurities turns the ice into a corrosive brown gritty sludge that causes a major problem when trodden into carpets and floorings. By contrast modern white crystal de-icers leave no residue and kilo for kilo are far more effective and long lasting than rock salt. They can be purchased in a range of sizes from handy single application dispensers to bulk pallets to last the winter through.

Site storage is an issue to consider and purpose made salt and grit bins offer a safe and practical solution. For keeping business car parks free of ice and snow investing in a salt spreader can save a lot of time, toil and trouble. If your business shares a car park or pedestrian walkway with adjacent businesses why not consider clubbing together to share the cost of providing winter safety precautions. Homeowners can adopt a similar community approach to winter safety with their neighbours. My own village set up a self help scheme last winter to ensure our elderly and vulnerable residents were not trapped in their homes by snow and treacherous icy paths. It was surprising how quickly a few willing hands, half a dozen snow scoops and a bag of de-icer did the job.

As is always the case there is a spike in demand following the first snow fall and availability of product quickly becomes an issue so don’t be caught napping and plan ahead. You can find further information on the types and properties of de-icers in our product and Advice pages.


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