Spill Control Guidelines

Spill Control Guidelines

Abstract from the Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guideline (PPG26)

Spill kits containing materials such as leak-sealing putty, overdrums, drain seals, oil or chemical absorbents and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be located both within or near the storage area and also remote from it. Consider providing a quarantine area’ where leaking containers can be placed safely.

It is advisable to have a leak-sealing kit available at delivery and handling areas or other high-risk locations, to temporarily seal leaking drums. It is also recommended that vehicles transporting drums and IBCs carry a spill kit. Do not flush away spilt material or use dispersants. Contain any spillage for proper off-site disposal by a registered waste carrier and, in high-risk areas, consider the use of cut-off or isolation valves in the drainage system. A detailed site drainage plan should be kept available to assist in the event of a spillage or fire. A site incident response plan (PPG21- Reference 11) should be drawn up to deal with leaking containers and spillages, and all staff should be trained in its application, in the use of related equipment and in the relevant health and safety issues. Report any significant spillage to the Environment Agency on the Emergency Hotline, 0800 80 70 60.

The full PPG26 document can be viewed in PDF click here
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