The Christmas Quiz answers

The Christmas Quiz answers

Happy New Year! Here are the answers to our Christmas Quiz. How many did you get?
1. Which classic Christmas film featured Clarence the Angel? Answer – “It’s a Wonderful Life”
2. What was the name of the department store in the Miracle on 34th Street?
Answer- Macy’s
3. Who starred as a desperate dad in Jingle all the Way? Answer – Arnold Schwarzenegger
4. British actors Seymour Hicks, Alastair Sim and Albert Finney have all portrayed which Charles Dickens character? Answer –Scrooge
5. Name the four sisters in Little Women? Answer- Amy, Beth, Jo and Meg

1. Which song was the Christmas number 1 in the millennium year 2000? Answer – “Bob the Builder – Can we fix it”
2. What is the biggest selling Christmas song of all time? Answer- Bing Crosby’s White Christmas
3. Which group had 3 successive UK Christmas number ones in 1996, 1997 and 1998? Answer- Spice Girls
4. Who sang “All I want for Christmas is you” in the film Love actually? Answer – Olivia Olsen
5. Who wrote the lyrics for “Do they know it’s Christmas”? Answer- Bob Geldof

1. Which team was top of the Premier league on Christmas Day 2011? Answer- Manchester City
2. Which Country will host the 2014 Winter Olympics? Answer- Russia
3. Which ex cricketer turned professional boxer in December 2012. Answer- Andrew Flintoff
4. In which year did the English National Football team have a number 1 chart hit with “Back Home”? Answer- 1970
5. The annual Christmas Day “Dash to the Sea” is held in which seaside resort? Answer- Brighton

1. What is New Years Eve called in Scotland? Answer- Hogmanay
2. St Nicholas’s birthplace was in which modern day country? Answer- Turkey
3. What is the alternative name for Boxing Day? Answer – St Stephens Day
4. What was the name of the Grinch’s dog in How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Answer – Max
5. Who invented the Christmas Cracker? Answer –Tom Bell
6. During the time of Jesus’s birth who was King of Judaea? Answer- Herod
7. What is the other name for the City of David? Answer – Bethlehem
8. What other name is given to the carol “O Tannenbaum”? Answer – O Christmas Tree
9. What is the name of the author of ”The Snowman” books? Answer- Raymond Briggs
10. What’s the title of the Christmas carol about evergreen plants? Answer – The Holly and the Ivy


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