Winter safety, be prepared for another harsh winter

Winter safety, be prepared for another harsh winter

A week ago we were basking in wall to wall sunshine and temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade but now forecasters are warning that we should expect freezing temperatures and snow within weeks. The first snow falls have already arrived in Scotland with temperatures an astonishing 21C below last weekend’s highs.

La Niña is a natural phenomenon characterize by an unusual drop in sea temperatures off the western seaboard of Central America and is widely attributed as contributing, if not  causing, last year’s freakish weather witnessed across the World including devastating floods in Australia and our freezing winter.  Well be warned, La Niña is back again this year so our government machine, transport authorities, rail and airport companies are all making frantic provision to avoid a repeat of the national gridlock and economic paralysis that we all endured last year.

We also want to ensure our customers are prepared by taking action now to stock up on essential winter beating products. Don’t wait until the snow is on the ground as the combination of high demand and disruption to transport links makes availability and our usual prompt delivery less of a certainty.

Here’s a checklist of must have winter safety products to keep you moving and prevent accidents to staff and family alike

All these products are in stock now so don’t be caught napping this winter.


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