Winter Snow Delays

Winter Snow Delays

Ignoring the global warming lobby may be seen as burying your head in the sand. However in reading some of the fine print of the more considered scientific arguments there is a significant body of qualified opinion that believes we in the Northern Hemisphere are actually more likely to have a “period” of much colder winters as experienced this year. The term used is a “natural cyclical event”.
How long the “period” will last who knows but 5 to 15 years have been mooted.

We decided to stock a range of Winter Safety products back in November of last year, everything from grit spreaders to rock salt and cold weather work clothing. It was less intuition and more a deliberate move toward our objective of providing a one stop buying experience for the safety minded. The severity of the winter has caught us out to some extent as demand for our Winter safety products has outstripped supply on occasion so our apologies to those customers that have had to wait for delivery of products in this range for more than our usual 24 hours.

If we are to believe the forecast of more bad winters to come and with the current one a long way from over our advice is to ensure you are properly equipped for the next cold spell even if that involves a short wait for the right quality equipment. We will always do our very best to supply.



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