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3kg powder fire extinguisher with LPCB Approval Promo

3kg powder fire extinguisher with LPCB Approval

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This mid size 3kg Powder Fire Extinguisher with LPCB Approval is used for combating class A, B and C fires. The LPCB approval on this dry powder extinguisher boasts high fire ratings ensuring that you have the best on your side and get more fire fighting capability for your money.

This Powder Extinguisher can be used for the following applications: domestic, offices, small kitchens, garage/workshop, cars, taxis, small boats and rented properties.  

As well as LPCB approval, this powder extinguisher is Approved to BS EN3, MED Approved and has a 5 year warranty. This LPCB powder extinguisher comes complete with a corrosion resistant finish, squeeze grip operation and is supplied complete with wall bracket.

For more information see our advice page on LPCB Approval.

Part Number : EXT014PSP3

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click to toggleTechnical Specifications for 3kg powder fire extinguisher with LPCB Approval
Class:A,B C, Electrical
Fire Ratings:21A, 113B, C, E
Working Pressure:15 bar
Discharge Time:13-14 secs
Total Weight:5.2kg
Approvals:LPCB, BSEN3, CE marked, MED
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