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White De-Icing Salt -25kg Bags

White De-Icing Salt -25kg Bags

Code: ICE13325 £14.50 ex vat
£17.40 inc vat
25kg bag 17.40/bag (inc vat)
5 bags (15.10/bag) 75.50 (inc vat)
10 bags (10.85/bag) 108.50 (inc vat)

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FREE Delivery within UK mainland on all salt (a surcharge may apply to some areas).

Single 25kg bags of white deicing salt ideal for clearing frozen paths, driveways and roads for safe use.

A cost effective solution to winter safety, our 25kg bags can be supplied as single bags or as packs of 5 bags or 10 bags, with extra savings when bought as a pack of 10.

White deicing salt is a very clean option for ice clearing as it leaves no residue and is most effective when applied after removal of any surface snow.

We also stock salt spreaders for applying our white deicing salt and a range of snow shovels for snow clearing.

Alternatively you can purchase 25kg bags of white deicing salt as pallets of 28 bags.

click to toggleTechnical Specifications for White De-Icing Salt -25kg Bags
Grain Size:Typical 6.3mm
Salt Purity:>99.5%
Properties:Anti-caking, No residue
Packed weight:25Kg/bag
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