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Strike FX 2kg FM200 Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Strike FX 2kg FM200 Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Code: EXT014SFX2FM
£495.06 ex VAT
(£594.07 inc VAT)

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Strike FX 2kg FM200 Automatic Fire Extinguishers recognise excessive heat and when a dangerous heat is recognised, they erupt onto the source of the suspected fire. When 165C is reached, the FM200 liquefied gas is dispersed onto the pre-determined location the extinguisher is fitted in.

This Automatic Extinguisher can be used for the following applications: trucks, small boats, large boats, computer rooms, motor sport and engine/plant rooms.


  • Uses a specialised pressured polymer detection tube that is secured in place, mainly in hotspots that would need protection in the event of a fire
  • FM200 clean agent liquefied gas leaves no residue and doesn't displace oxygen
  • Simple and not costly to install
  • Pressure switches can be fitted to sound alarms and shut down machinery and systems
  • Protection and peace of mind all of the time
  • Tube wall softens and bursts when fire touches the tubing or heat rises to an extreme temperature
  • Generally will cover 2 cubic metres but in a well sealed enclosure that could increase by up to 50%

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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click to toggleTechnical Specifications for Strike FX 2kg FM200 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Approx. Weight:3.5kg
Temp Range:-10C to +65C
Tube Eruption:165C
Coverage:2 cubic metres
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