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3 litre Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

3 litre Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Code: EXT173WM3 £79.26 ex vat
£95.11 inc vat
Just the extinguisher please - £95.11 inc vat
with Commissioning - plus £7.00 inc vat*
with Installation and Commissioning - plus £14.50 inc vat*
* These options incur Site Attendance fee of £24.99+vat (£29.99 inc VAT)

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The 3 litre Water Mist Extinguisher uses E-Plus Pulsator technology, making it suitable for extinguishing most classes of fire fast and effectively. This water mist extinguisher is known to be one of, if not the most, environmentally friendly on the market because it uses demineralised water!

This Water Mist Extinguisher can be used for the following applications: offices, small kitchens, rentals and domestic properties.

Fully approved to BSI and LPCB, it has a discharge distance of 2.1 metres, meaning it will cover a large area to provide amazing protection against fire. This extinguisher is safe for use on A, E and F fires.

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click to toggleTechnical Specifications for 3 litre Water Mist Fire Extinguisher
Capacity:3 litres
Fire Ratings:8A, E, 25F
Weight:7 kg
Pressure:12 BAR
Discharge Time:32 seconds
Discharge Distance:2.1 metres
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3 litre Water Mist Fire Extinguisher plus... Water Mist extinguisher information sign 200 x 80 view this package £72.75 ex VAT (£87.30 inc VAT) 3 litre Water Mist Fire Extinguisher and ID sign
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