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Universal Stopper Alarm Cover Promo

Universal Stopper Alarm Cover

Code: COV014USFM £36.97 ex vat
£44.36 inc vat
Flush Mounted - 36.97 ex vat (44.36 inc vat)
Surface Mounted - 54.73 ex vat (65.68 inc vat)
Flush with Sounder - 58.32 ex vat (69.98 inc vat)
Surface with Sounder - 88.69 ex vat (106.43 inc vat)

The Universal Stopper Alarm Cover is for use indoors and outdoors, protecting manual call points, emergency buttons and dual action pull stations. Available flush or surface mounted.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Doesn’t restrict legitimate operation, prevents false alarms
  • Available flush or surface mounted (choose from options above)
  • Available with or without 96 dB integral sounder
  • Protects against damage, as well as dust and grime
  • Can survive severe environments
  • Simple installation
  • Red as standard, available in other colours – call us for more information

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click to toggleTechnical Specifications for Universal Stopper Alarm Cover
Flush Mounted Depth:68mm
Surface Mounted Depth:105mm
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