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Evacuation Chair Training Course

Evacuation Chair Training Course

Code: EVA2600012 £685.00 ex vat
£822.00 inc vat
4 People to Operator - £822.00 inc vat
2 People to Cascade - £822.00 inc vat

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Our Evacuation Chair Training Courses have a capacity of 2 to 4 people depending on the selected course which can be chosen above.

The Cascade course available is for a maximum of two people and provides all the information required for training individuals who can then pass on their knowledge to other members of staff within their workplace. The course trains people on how best to use any type of non-powered evacuation chair.

The Operator course available is for a maximum of four people. This course gives people the chance to be trained to operator level, giving you all the information required on how best to operate the chair that you would use if an emergency arises. Like the Cascade course, the Operator course offers training for any non-powered evacuation chair.

The courses cover England and Wales. If you live in Scotland there is a surcharge, please contact us on 01724 281044 for further information.

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