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2 Litre Foam fire extinguisher, lifehammer and fire blanket

2 Litre Foam fire extinguisher, lifehammer and fire blanket

Code: EXT002FSP2PK3 £30.55 ex vat
£36.66 inc vat
Just the extinguisher please - £36.66 inc vat
with Installation and Commissioning - plus £14.50 inc vat*
with Commissioning - plus £7.00 inc vat*
* These options incur Site Attendance fee of £24.99+vat (£29.99 inc VAT)

This package comprises
the following items:

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individual items.)

Handy fire safety package suitable for offices, small kitchens, garages/workshops, caravan/camping, cars, trucks, taxis, small boats, motor sports, rentals and domestic properties.

Custom designed plastic base for maximum durability, quality valve and guage, spray nozzle and robust spray hose

AFFF extinguisher safe to use on liquid fires and electrical equipment of up to 1000V at a distance of 1M. Can also be used on Class A fires involving wood, plastics, paper and fabrics. An emergency Lifehammer and a medium sized 1.2m x 1.2m Fire Blanket to smother incidental fires including in engine compartments.

Pack includes: extinguisher, wall bracket, operating guide, Lifehammer and 1.2m x 1.2m Fire Blanket.

Price if bought individually: £34.55 inc vat

Carriage Prices - Orders over £100 ex VAT Free. Up to 1kg £2.95 ex VAT. Above 1kg only £6.50 ex VAT.
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