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Mini Theft Stopper

Mini Theft Stopper

Code: STO014MTS
£24.67 ex VAT
(£29.60 inc VAT)

The Mini Theft Stopper is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect fire extinguishers and a wide range of other fire fighting equipment from theft or mis-use.

The device does not interfere with fire fighting in any way and it's simplicity of design contributes to it's high degree of reliability.

The Mini Theft Stopper comes with a special clip that can be used in several ways. An extinguisher's pull pin may be routed through the holes in both prongs of the clip. The clip is then held in place by the extinguisher's seal and when the seal is broken to use the extinguisher, the alarm sounds. The steel clip can also be placed under any type of equipment. When lifted, the alarm sounds immediately.

(Fire Extinguisher not included).

click to toggleTechnical Specifications for Mini Theft Stopper
Housing:3mm/1/8" ABS
Dimensions:83mm/3.5" h x 83mm/3.5" w x 25mm/1" d
Sounder Output:95 db
Standby Current:None
Alarm Current:115mA
Auto Reset:3 Minutes
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