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25kg Bags White De-Icing Salt

28 Bag Pallet of White De-Icing Salt

Code: ICE13325/28
£229.99 ex VAT
(£275.99 inc VAT)

FREE Delivery within UK mainland on all salt (a surcharge may apply to some areas).

A highly efficient cost-effective and clean ground surface de-icer, sold in pallets of 28 bags.

White de-icing salt is of the highest purity, enabling you to use less salt per application than rock salt. Our salt leaves little or no ground residue unlike brown salt where the sludge deposits from insoluble impurities can be trampled into cars and buildings. 25Kg bags are intended for bulk users and are not available as individual items.

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click to toggleTechnical Specifications for 28 Bag Pallet of White De-Icing Salt
Grain Size:Typically 6.3mm
Salt Purity:>99.5%
Properties:Anti-Caking, No residue
Pack Weight:25Kg per bag
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