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COBA Matting

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COBA Matting is made with high quality materials, has the user at the  forefront and suits all budgets. COBA Matting provides anti-fatigue qualities  that take the weight off your feet allowing for better blood flow, in turn  causing less musculoskeletal problems. The key benefits include improved  worker health and safety together with less absenteeism.

Workplace Matting will see a lot of foot traffic so the COBA range is crafted to be hard wearing using high-quality materials helping to prevent workplace slips and falls. Here at Fire and Safety Centre, you can be assured of quality and COBA Matting is an undisputed market leader in the workplace matting category.

There are many styles available which can be used in different workplace environments such as warehouses, manufacturing lines, factories, offices and many more. Some models are best used in wet or oily environments.

Our available workplace matting products come under four categories:

  • Orthomat
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats (Dry Areas)
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats (Wet Areas)
  • Anti-Slip Mats

If you would like to discuss our COBA Matting products any further call us on 01724 281044 or contact us through our live chat service.

Orthomat Premium Blue The Orthomat Premium Blue anti-fatigue matting by COBA is made to a high... more

From £46.62 ex VAT
(£55.94 inc VAT)

Orthomat Premium Green The Orthomat Premium Green is high quality workplace matting by COBA that... more

From £46.62 ex VAT
(£55.94 inc VAT)

Orthomat Ultimate The Orthomat Ultimate Black is a top of the range anti-fatigue matting by COBA... more

From £44.22 ex VAT
(£53.06 inc VAT)

Orthomat Office The Orthomat Office in Black is a high quality and cost-effective anti-fatigue... more

Code: MAT278WM0088
Price £53.83 ex VAT
(£64.60 inc VAT)

Orthomat Comfort Plus The Orthomat Comfort Plus by COBA will provide employees maximum standing... more

From £47.47 ex VAT
(£56.96 inc VAT)

Deckplate Standard The Deckplate Standard by COBA is a high quality and cost effective way of... more

From £39.57 ex VAT
(£47.48 inc VAT)

Deckplate Safety The Deckplate Safety by COBA is a highly visible black anti-fatigue mat with... more

From £46.41 ex VAT
(£55.69 inc VAT)

Deckplate Connect The Deckplate Connect by COBA can be used to create large anti-fatigue... more

From £33.62 ex VAT
(£40.34 inc VAT)

Diamond Tread The Diamond Tread anti-fatigue mat by COBA is best used in welders’... more

From £50.65 ex VAT
(£60.78 inc VAT)

Fluted Anti-Fatigue The Fluted Anti-Fatigue matting by COBA is high quality and very cost... more

From £53.35 ex VAT
(£64.02 inc VAT)

COBAelite Bubble The COBAelite Bubble by COBA is high specification anti-fatigue matting and... more

From £79.27 ex VAT
(£95.12 inc VAT)

COBAelite Diamond The COBAelite Diamond by COBA is a premium anti-fatigue mat which is highly... more

From £80.33 ex VAT
(£96.40 inc VAT)

Carriage Prices - Orders over £100 ex VAT Free. Up to 1kg £2.95 ex VAT. Above 1kg only £6.50 ex VAT.
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