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Anti-Fatigue Mats - Wet Areas

Anti-Fatigue Mats (Wet Areas) are made for workplaces where water or oils may be spilled, such as garages, kitchens, factories and many more. They are made to be slip resistant with their hard wearing build which also allows fluids to run through holes in the mat.

They are made with anti-fatigue rubber which allows for safe standing and prevents musculoskeletal problems, as well as improving health and safety in the workplace.

Our Anti-Fatigue Mats (Wet Areas) are available to purchase in multiple styles, sizes and thicknesses which are ideal for any budget and will provide safety in a multitude of environments.

If you would like to discuss our Anti-Fatigue Mats (Wet Areas) any further. Please call our sales team on 01724 281044.

Rampmat The Rampmat anti-fatigue mat by COBA is cost effective and is best used in wet... more

From £24.95 ex VAT
(£29.94 inc VAT)

High-Duty The High-Duty by COBA is a cost effective anti-fatigue mat that is best used in... more

From £52.50 ex VAT
(£63.00 inc VAT)

High-Duty Grit The High-Duty Grit anti-fatigue mat by COBA is great for workplaces that deal... more

Code: MAT278WM0153
Price £167.50 ex VAT
(£201.00 inc VAT)

K-Mat The K-Mat by COBA used to be known as the Kitchen Mat and is ideal for food... more

Code: MAT278WM0154
Price £75.95 ex VAT
(£91.14 inc VAT)

Hygimat with holes The Hygimat with holes by COBA is the ideal anti-fatigue mat for workplaces... more

From £103.95 ex VAT
(£124.74 inc VAT)

Hygimat without holes The Hygimat without holes by COBA is a high quality anti-fatigue mat which will... more

From £99.95 ex VAT
(£119.94 inc VAT)

Worksafe Black The Worksafe Black by COBA is an anti-fatigue mat that is great for industrial... more

Code: MAT278WM0155
Price £50.95 ex VAT
(£61.14 inc VAT)

Worksafe Blue The Worksafe Blue is anti-fatigue matting made by COBA. It is oil and grease... more

Code: MAT278WM0156
Price £79.95 ex VAT
(£95.94 inc VAT)

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