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Evacuation Chair Training

Evacuation Chair Training is a must for any business that has at least one flight of stairs and evacuation chairs on site. We have multiple training courses available for our range of evacuation chairs. Our course sizes range from 2 to 4 people.

These courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to help individuals with mobility problems safely when an emergency occurs.

If you would like any assistance on evacuation chair training, please contact us through live chat or you can call us on 01724 281044.

Evac Chair Training It’s a legal requirement for employers or organisations to take... more

Price £450.00 ex VAT
(£540.00 inc VAT)

Evac Chair Training - Master Class If you own an Evac Chair, chances are you know it’s a legal requirement... more

Price £980.00 ex VAT
(£1,176.00 inc VAT)

Evacuation Chair Training Course Our Evacuation Chair Training Courses have a capacity of 2 to 4 people... more

From £685.00 ex VAT
(£822.00 inc VAT)

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