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Emergency Evacuation Devices

Emergency Evacuation Devices, including the Evac Chair brand, designed for the safe removal of elderly or disabled individuals from buildings in the event of an emergency.

Available in a range of models to suit differing needs including Powered Evacuation Wheelchairs, Evacuation Chairs for Stairs, Transit Chairs and Evacuation Sheets. All of our Evac Chairs and Motorised Stair Climbers also include FREE UK Delivery.

Ideal for use in hospitals and care homes, each Evacuation Chair is supplied with user instructions and either inclusive user/staff evac chair training or the option of user/staff training at an additional cost.

Read our Guide to Evac Chairs for help in choosing a suitable evacuation device or visit our advice page for information about Evacuation Chair Legislation.

If you can’t see the Evacuation Chair you need or you’d like to speak to one of our advisors about your individual needs please call 01724 281044.

Evac Chair Storage Cabinet Evac Chair Storage Cabinet for use indoors, protecting the Evac Chair MK4 from... more

Code: EVA1670015
Price £336.00 ex VAT
(£403.20 inc VAT)

CarryLite Transit Chair The CarryLite Transit Chair is a quick and easy solution to emergency... more

Code: EVA1670009
Price £368.00 ex VAT
(£441.60 inc VAT)

Air Chair Transit Chair Air Chair Transit Chair designed specifically to help the movement of those... more

Code: EVA1670019
Price £470.00 ex VAT
(£564.00 inc VAT)

Evacuation Sledge Evacuation Sledge for the safe evacuation of patients with limited or no... more

Code: EVA2520002
Price £114.95 ex VAT
(£137.94 inc VAT)

Evacuation Overlay Evacuation Overlay for transporting those who need support during an emergency... more

Code: EVA2520004
Price £147.95 ex VAT
(£177.54 inc VAT)

Evac Chair ResQmat The Evac Chair ResQmat is ideal for use in hospitals, care homes and nursing... more

Code: EVA1670017
Price £336.00 ex VAT
(£403.20 inc VAT)

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