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Extinguisher Consumables

We supply a range of extinguisher consumables to maintain your fire extinguishers in effective working order. You can purchase refill packs and bulk supplies for AFFF foam and Dry Powder fire extinguishers to recharge extinguishers that have been discharged.

Please note, it is important that any maintenance undertaken on a fire extinguisher is completed by a qualified person. (if in doubt call 01724 281044 to speak to a member of our customer services team about fire extinguisher engineers in your area).

Pull Tite Seals Supplied in packs of 500. Choose your preferred colour from the options... more

From 17.28 ex VAT
(20.74 inc VAT)

Co2 Pin and Ring (pack of 50) ... more

Code: PIN014CO2R
Price 14.58 ex VAT
(17.50 inc VAT)

T. Glover 2000 Safety Clip (pack of 50) ... more

Code: PIN014PTG
Price 24.18 ex VAT
(29.02 inc VAT)

Gloria Pin and OK Indicator (pack of 25) ... more

Code: PIN014G
Price 8.98 ex VAT
(10.78 inc VAT)

Chubb Pin and OK Indicator (pack of 25) Chubb Pin and OK indicators in packs of 25. Choose your required colour from... more

From 7.07 ex VAT
(8.48 inc VAT)

Safety pin large (pack of 50) ... more

Code: PIN014UNI
Price 19.44 ex VAT
(23.33 inc VAT)

6 lt foam refills 6% ... more

Code: FOA014REF6
Price 5.96 ex VAT
(7.15 inc VAT)

0.6 litre freezol for 6lt water/foam ... more

Code: ANT019FP6
Price 3.68 ex VAT
(4.42 inc VAT)

ABC Powder Refill Packs A mixture of ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate, treated with flow... more

From 8.82 ex VAT
(10.58 inc VAT)

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