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Fire Alarms & Detectors

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The early warning of a fire can be lifesaving particularly in the home at night or in the workplace. By installing fire alarms or smoke detectors you are providing more time for orderly evacuation and the opportunity to deal with the fire before it becomes too large.

Choose from a great range of fire alarm products including fire alarm call points, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and howler site alarms.

If you can't find the item you're looking for, feel free to call us to discuss your requirements on 01724 281044, or send us a message using the Fire and Safety Centre contact form.

9V Battery Smoke Detector Test button verifies battery and alarm operation Low battery indicator 3... more

Code: DET014SD9V
Price 4.95 ex VAT
(5.94 inc VAT)

Carbon Monoxide Detector The CMD1 Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm is an easy to install unit and... more

Code: DET014CMD1
Price 13.95 ex VAT
(16.74 inc VAT)

10 Year Carbon Monoxide Detector The 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Detector from Fire and Safety Centre is a... more

Code: DET014CO10
Price 17.99 ex VAT
(21.59 inc VAT)

Extinguisher Anti-Theft Alarm An effective way to stop vandalism, misuse or theft of fire extinguishers. If... more

Code: ACC014STI6200
Price 34.37 ex VAT
(41.24 inc VAT)

Ionisation Smoke Alarm with test and hush feature Ionisation Smoke Alarms with test and hush features, allowing regular testing... more

Price 6.99 ex VAT
(8.39 inc VAT)

Alert Point Lite The Alert Point Lite is an aesthetically pleasing, robust, stand alone alarm... more

Code: ALA014APL
Price 79.95 ex VAT
(95.94 inc VAT)

Ionisation Smoke Alarm with escape light This Ionisation Smoke Alarm with integrated escape light is easy to install and... more

Price 9.99 ex VAT
(11.99 inc VAT)

10 Year Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector The 10 Year Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector from Fire and Safety Centre... more

Code: DET014DCO10
Price 21.99 ex VAT
(26.39 inc VAT)

Mini Theft Stopper The Mini Theft Stopper is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect... more

Code: STO014MTS
Price 24.67 ex VAT
(29.60 inc VAT)

Rotary Hand Bell A tried and tested hand operated rotary alarm bell for smaller premises such as... more

Code: ROT014RHB
Price 30.30 ex VAT
(36.36 inc VAT)

Mini Megaphone Super compact design for ease of transport. Incorporates press to talk... more

Code: MEG014MEG2
Price 50.76 ex VAT
(60.91 inc VAT)

Emergency Gas Horn A portable emergency alarm solution ideal for temporary safety cover... more

Code: FOG014150EU
Price 10.30 ex VAT
(12.36 inc VAT)

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