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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors for fire safety and peace of mind at home and in the workplace. The majority of the smoke alarms in our range are certified to EN14604 and have up to a 10 year Warranty. A working smoke alarm can help to increase your chances of survival in the event of a house fire.

Our range of Optical and Ionisation smoke alarms are easy to fit, so they can begin protecting your home or workplace in no time at all. There is no need to worry about hiring an electrician as each product works with batteries, with many not requiring a battery change at all.

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, give us a call on 01724 281044 and we’ll find the right solution you require. Alternatively, you can submit a contact form or speak to one of our product advisors on Live Chat.

9v Battery Smoke Detector The 9v Battery Smoke Detector is the ideal product to protect your home because... more

Code: DET014FA9V
Price £5.54 ex VAT
(£6.65 inc VAT)

Kidde 10Y29 Optical Smoke Alarm with 10 Year Battery Our Kidde 10Y29 Optical Smoke Alarm with 10 Year Battery is a tested and... more

Code: DET014BSD6
Price £15.15 ex VAT
(£18.18 inc VAT)

Which smoke alarm do you need?

We provide the two main types of smoke alarms: Ionisation smoke alarms and Optical smoke alarms – but which do you need?

Ionisation smoke alarms detect fast-flaming fires that emit invisible particles. These fires typically consume upholstery and similar combustible materials, and can spread in no time at all. Ionisation smoke detectors ‘ionise’ the air in the alarm, and sound when the presence of smoke is detected. We recommend installing Ionisation smoke alarms on landings and hallways to quickly detect large fires.

Optical smoke alarms are designed to detect visible particles that you find with smouldering fires that produce dense, toxic smoke. Optical smoke detectors use a beam of light and a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke – they deflect the light onto the sensor when in contact with smoke, resulting in the sounding of the alarm. Install Optical smoke alarms near, but not in, your kitchen.

It’s recommended that you have both types of smoke alarm in your building, with at least one installed on each floor. We suggest having at least one Carbon Monoxide Detector fitted in your property alongside your smoke alarms.

Make sure to read our advice article on the types of smoke detectors for additional information.

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