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Fire Buckets

A fire bucket filled with sand provides an additional safety option to fight fires in an emergency. They are often kept next to ovens, barbecues, and other areas where the potential for fires is greatest. Oil fires, including cooking oil fires are resistant to water which can often cause the fire to spread. Sand can be used to help smother most small fires in an emergency. In order to extinguish the fire, the sand in the bucket is dumped on the fire to starve it of the oxygen it needs to stay alight.

Fire buckets should preferably have a lid and be wall mounted. Locate the fire bucket in an easily accessible position, preferably together with a fire extinguisher to form a fire point.

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Metal fire bucket and lid Suitable for many applications including petrol forecourts, workshops,... more

Code: BUC014M
Price £17.89 ex VAT
(£21.47 inc VAT)

Fire bucket bracket Designed for hanging a fire bucket to a wall, post or support. Click to view... more

Code: BUC014BR
Price £2.60 ex VAT
(£3.12 inc VAT)

Flamezorb For use on flammable liquid spills, Flamezorb is the revolutionary substitute... more

Code: ZOR014FZB1
Price £7.35 ex VAT
(£8.82 inc VAT)

Plastic Fire Bucket with Lid Plastic Fire Bucket with Lid for a use in garages and forecourts, dowsing small... more

Code: BUC014P
Price £10.95 ex VAT
(£13.14 inc VAT)

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