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Fire Door Retainers

Fire Door Retainers are the only legal method of holding a fire door open. Using any form of wedge is against the law. Our acoustic fire door retainers comply with relevant regulations as they close the fire door when the fire alarm sounds.

Our Fire Door Retainer range are quick and easy to install, and require no additional costs as they’re completely wire-free with a long battery life. Not only do they have an auto release function, they also have a manual release mechanism and night time release function for maximum control.

Dorgard Fire Door Retainer The Dorgard Fire Door Retainer is a reliable wireless automatic door retainer... more

From £94.50 ex VAT
(£113.40 inc VAT)

Shuttle Fire Door Retainer The Shuttle Fire Door Retainer is a wire-free, intelligent door stop that holds... more

Price £100.00 ex VAT
(£120.00 inc VAT)

Freedor Fire Door Closer The Freedor Fire Door Closer is a wireless, automatic fire door closer that... more

Code: ACC116FD
Price £284.25 ex VAT
(£341.10 inc VAT)

Dorgard SmartSound Fire Door Retainer Dorgard SmartSound Fire Door Retainer offers a wireless option to hold open... more

From £119.50 ex VAT
(£143.40 inc VAT)

Carriage Prices - Orders over £100 ex VAT Free. Up to 1kg £2.95 ex VAT. Above 1kg only £6.50 ex VAT.
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