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Burns Treatment

It’s best to be prepared for the unexpected, so we recommend having suitable treatment for burns readily available at all times.

Having all of the essential equipment to allow immediate burns treatment is vital, which is why a burns kit is a great investment. Our burns kits are designed to stand out and all contain a selection of supplies, some kits suited to different situations and applications.

Burns kits include dressings that act quickly to provide high quality relief as well as reducing the blistering process. These kits will work effectively on many types of burns from fire, boiling water, steam, radiated heat, friction, electricity, chemicals and more!

We offer a wide range of First Aid Products, including life-saving Defibrillators and First Aid Kits.

Essential Burns Kit The Essential Burns Kit includes many different products that come together to... more

Code: KIT139EBK
Price £26.95 ex VAT
(£32.34 inc VAT)

Burnshield Emergency Multi Pack Burncare Kit The Burnshield Emergency Multi Pack Burncare Kit provides optimal burns... more

Price £42.95 ex VAT
(£51.54 inc VAT)

Burnshield Responder Kit The Burnshield Responder Kit is designed for use by ambulance staff, those who... more

Code: KIT139BRK
Price £99.95 ex VAT
(£119.94 inc VAT)

Burnshield Emergency Rescue Set The Burnshield Emergency Rescue Set is a well-stocked and compact kit for burns... more

Code: KIT139BERS
Price £57.95 ex VAT
(£69.54 inc VAT)

Burnshield Easycare Kit The Burnshield Easycare Kit is ideal for home use, providing many different... more

Code: KIT139BEK
Price £13.95 ex VAT
(£16.74 inc VAT)

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