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Eye Wash Stations

Protect yourself and your employees with our Eye Wash Stations from stock at wholesale prices. It’s impossible to put a price on saving someone’s eyesight in the event of an accident – but all our eye wash stations could help you do just that. We supply not only emergency eye wash stations, but also eye wash and emergency eye wash refills, even though we hope you never need to use it. With sizes and styles to suit all workplaces, our range starts with eye wash pods containing individual single use sterile solution and an eye pad, all kept ready for use under a ‘grab-and-go’ cover.

Our range also includes a larger eye wash station containing two bottles of first aid eye wash.

Eye Wash Station Compact covered carousel contains 10 x 20ml single use eye wash pods... more

Code: KIT139POD
Price 14.25 ex VAT
(17.10 inc VAT)

Eye Wash Station Emergency Eye Wash Station complete with 2 x 500ml sterile eye wash solution... more

Code: KIT014EWS
Price 14.94 ex VAT
(17.93 inc VAT)

Eye Wash Station with Mirror Station only (Eye Wash supplied... more

Code: KIT014ESG
Price 16.76 ex VAT
(20.11 inc VAT)

Eye Wash -500ml ... more

Code: KIT014EW500
Price 3.00 ex VAT
(3.60 inc VAT)

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