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First Aid Cabinets

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a nursing or care home or a small workshop with just a few employees, one of our first aid cabinets is sure to be just what you need. All are durable, well made from steel sheet and beautifully finished with antibacterial white powder coating and the right first aid labels, so they comply with BS5378. Our ‘flagship’ model is a push/pull mobile first aid cabinet with four rubber-tyred castors, making it ideal for hospital wards or nursing or care homes – but we recognise that’s likely to be too large for many customers! That’s why we also offer much smaller versions, one of which is sure to be just the first aid cupboard you’re looking for. From a small single-door models to a larger two-door version, all are made and finished to the same high standard, and are fitted with robust locks.

If you’re not sure about which first aid cabinet to buy, our friendly and approachable staff would be only too happy to offer advice. Login to Live Chat, or call us on 01724 281044.

Mobile First Aid Storage Cabinet A popular size mobile First Aid cabinet for use on wards or in care and nursing... more

Code: CAB207FA0014
Price 320.28 ex VAT
(384.34 inc VAT)

Single Door Wall Mounted First Aid Cabinet This wall mounted secure medical cabinet is manufactured from welded 0.9mm... more

Code: CAB207FA0015
Price 157.33 ex VAT
(188.80 inc VAT)

Double Door Wall Mounted First Aid Cabinet This large wall mounted Medical Storage Cabinet is manufactured from welded... more

Code: CAB207FA0016
Price 209.11 ex VAT
(250.93 inc VAT)

Small Single Door First Aid Cabinet First Aid Cupboard for general use combining practicality with economy and... more

Code: CAB207FA0006
Price 145.41 ex VAT
(174.49 inc VAT)

Medium Double Door First Aid Cabinet A popular sized First Aid Cabinet for general use combining practicality with... more

Code: CAB207FA0012
Price 236.50 ex VAT
(283.80 inc VAT)

Small Double Door First Aid Cabinet Spacious First Aid Cabinet  for general use combining versatility with... more

Code: CAB207FA0007
Price 181.84 ex VAT
(218.21 inc VAT)

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