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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits to BS8599-1. Even the best first aider can’t do an effective job without the contents of a first aid kit box. Seeing a first aider arrive on the scene, portable first aid kit in hand, is reassuring to the patient and witnesses alike.

First aid kit contents in the boxes we supply enable the person administering first aid to make a start on vital treatment until more expert help, if needed, arrives with a more extensive medical kit. As suppliers of first aid kits, we understand what’s needed in an emergency. That’s why we offer kits in a wide range of sizes, plus travel first aid kits.

And if you’re not sure about which first aid kit to buy, our friendly and approachable staff would be only too happy to offer advice. Login to Live Chat, or call us on 01724 281044.

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Catering Medium First Aid Kit - Alpha Box Medium Catering First Aid Kits in Alpha boxes from Fire And Safety Centre... more

Code: KIT139BSMC
Price 26.50 ex VAT
(31.80 inc VAT)

Catering Large First Aid Kit - Alpha Box Large Catering First Aid Kits in Alpha boxes from Fire And Safety Centre... more

Code: KIT139BSLC
Price 31.95 ex VAT
(38.34 inc VAT)

First Aid Pouch for 1 person A convenient and portable prepacked first aid kit for one person, ideal... more

Price 5.28 ex VAT
(6.34 inc VAT)

First Aid Kit Hanging Bracket Sturdy plastic bracket to enable the hanging of first aid kits from a... more

Code: BRA014FA
Price 1.93 ex VAT
(2.32 inc VAT)

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