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Anton Manometers

Anton Manometers are pressure testing devices made to be robust and which can be used in let by/tightness testing, draught and differential pressure measurement. Our range of Anton manometers can read 8 units of measurements. The range has been specifically designed to give you the choice between models with the slightly different features, but which all have excellent build quality. Always remember to check any extras that you need as, for example, we recommend that the APM155 is purchased together with its accessory pack. All manometers are backlit for poorly lit areas. 

If you have any queries about these products give us a call on 01724 281044.

APM135 Manometer The APM135 Manometer is the ideal product for HVAC engineers who do domestic... more

From £107.50 ex VAT
(£129.00 inc VAT)

APM145 Manometer The APM145 is used by HVAC engineers for let by/stabilisation and tightness... more

From £167.50 ex VAT
(£201.00 inc VAT)

APM155 Manometer The APM155 Manometer is a device that can be used by gas engineers for let... more

From £197.50 ex VAT
(£237.00 inc VAT)

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