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Portable Gas Detectors

Portable Gas Detectors allow HVAC engineers the peace of mind when working in an environment with possible gas escape. Our alarms alert the engineer with a loud sound that emits from the device, warning of the presence of potentially dangerous gases.

The AGM55 is ideal for gas engineers in determining the presence of any gas escape from an appliance that is being worked on. Crucially, from a safety perspective the CO clip alarm detects carbon monoxide and can really be a lifesaver, particularly for gas engineers working in vacant industrial buildings. The IAQ8494 detects build-up of CO2 and is fully compliant with British Standard 8494. Our portable gas detectors come with excellent battery life and need little maintenance. These devices are robust and can be used in a multitude of environments.

If you would like to discuss these products further contact our sales team on 01724 281044.

Anton Compact Gas Leak Detector The Anton AGP45 Compact Gas Leak Detector is a cheap, but effective way of... more

Code: GSP2650034
Price £57.50 ex VAT
(£69.00 inc VAT)

Crowcon Clip Personal CO Alarm The Crowcon Clip Personal CO Alarm is a wearable device aimed at HVAC engineers... more

Code: GSP2650001
Price £97.50 ex VAT
(£117.00 inc VAT)

Anton Gas Leak Detector The Anton AGM55 Gas Leak Detector assists HVAC engineers in finding gas leaks... more

From £117.50 ex VAT
(£141.00 inc VAT)

Portable Co2 Detector The Portable IAQ8494 Co2 Detector will detect a build-up of carbon dioxide. The... more

Code: GSP2650011
Price £194.03 ex VAT
(£232.84 inc VAT)

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