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Emergency Plans Boxes

Emergency Plans Boxes and Premises Information Boxes provide information and plans about the premises for the Fire and Rescue Service, in a format that they recognise and understand.

Each Emergency Plans Box/Premises Information Box comes with a guidance manual that has been prepared carefully by experienced professionals in the fire service industry. These manuals contain best practice guidelines for the process of preparing premises plans and collating information, including sections on orientation plans, layout & contents and safety & emergency features.

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Emergency Plans Box The Emergency Plans Box (EPB) is designed to provide premises plans and... more

Code: CAB144EPB
Price 138.95 ex VAT
(166.74 inc VAT)

Standard Premises Information Box The Standard Premises Information Box is designed to provide quick and easy... more

Code: CAB144SPIB
Price 679.95 ex VAT
(815.94 inc VAT)

High Security Premises Information Box The High Security Premises Information Box is designed to provide quick and... more

Price 879.95 ex VAT
(1,055.94 inc VAT)

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