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General Spill Control

Our General Spill Control products absorb aqueous solutions, industrial cutting fluids, coolants, oils, solvents and non aggressive chemicals and are colour coded grey or brown. From quick response general spill kits to super absorbent socks, our range of General Spill Control products are an ideal solution for workplace spills.

If you can't find the spill control product you're looking for, visit our sister site Spill Control Centre for an extensive range of spill kits, spill containment, drum storage and absorbents.

Call our customer services team on 01724 281044 to enquire about quantity discounts or submit your enquiry using the Fire and Safety Centre contact form.

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Super Absorbent Socks A strong tubular knitted outer sock provides durability and allows expansion.... more

Code: SK112SAS12
Price £41.54 ex VAT
(£49.85 inc VAT)

Long Super Absorbent Socks The strong tubular knitted outer sock provides durability and allows for... more

Code: SK112SAS30
Price £41.54 ex VAT
(£49.85 inc VAT)

General Purpose Socks A handy and economical all purpose sock for absorbing spills and placing around... more

Code: SK112GPS12
Price £36.31 ex VAT
(£43.57 inc VAT)

19 Litre Spill Kit A useful quick response spill kit combination pack to absorb smaller... more

Code: SK112MSK1
Price £18.47 ex VAT
(£22.16 inc VAT)

38 Ltr Spill Kit Shoulder Bag Complete DELUX spill kit supplied in a tough waterproof PVC coated nylon zip... more

Code: SK112GPSK2
Price £51.60 ex VAT
(£61.92 inc VAT)

110 Ltr Wheeled Spill Kit Compact wheeled container with variety of general purpose spill control... more

Code: SK112WU6
Price £175.42 ex VAT
(£210.50 inc VAT)

222 Ltr Wheeled Spill Kit High capacity general purpose spill control kit for larger spills. Comes in a... more

Code: SK112WU7
Price £237.75 ex VAT
(£285.30 inc VAT)

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