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Winter Safety Products

Fire and Safety Centre stock a whole range of products with Winter Safety in mind. For snow and ice clearing in freezing conditions, our quality winter safety products are all available at discount prices with fast delivery.

From Salt Spreaders and Rock Salt Spreaders and Deicing Salt right through to Large Snow Shovels, Snow Scoops and Snow Pushers, all of our winter safety equipment can be used by Business users and Domestic users alike.

All Salt products include Free Delivery to UK mainland addresses.

Please call our offices on 01724 281044 if you can’t see what you need or you’d like to talk about quantity discounts on our products.

2130 Commercial Rock Salt Spreader The 2130 is a Commercial grade heavy duty spreader specifically designed for... more

Code: SPR1342130
Price £283.75 ex VAT
(£340.50 inc VAT)

2150 Broadcast Salt Spreader The Model 2150 Commercial quality salt spreader with a 23kg capacity poly... more

Code: SPR1342150
Price £241.50 ex VAT
(£289.80 inc VAT)

Dolomite Rock Salt Spreader A robust work horse the Dolomite is a top quality salt spreader. The Spinner... more

Code: SPR133DRSS
Price £645.95 ex VAT
(£775.14 inc VAT)

Stackable 350 Litre Grit Bin A large capacity grit bin container designed for storing grit or salt deicer... more

From £115.00 ex VAT
(£138.00 inc VAT)

350 Litre Grit Bin Winter Pack A large winter safety pack consisting of a 350 Litre Grit Bin, 200kg of Grit... more

From £210.00 ex VAT
(£252.00 inc VAT)

200kg Traditional Grit Bin A traditional style quality 200kg grit bin with hinged cover, manufactured... more

Code: BIN133GB200
Price £153.41 ex VAT
(£184.09 inc VAT)

400kg Traditional Grit Bin A traditional style large quality 400kg grit bin with hinged cover,... more

Code: BIN133GB400
Price £167.57 ex VAT
(£201.08 inc VAT)

25kg Bags White De-Icing Salt FREE Delivery within UK mainland on all salt (a surcharge may apply to... more

Code: ICE13325/28
Price £229.99 ex VAT
(£275.99 inc VAT)

Atlas Salt Spreader The ever popular Atlas salt spreader utilises a rotating disk to give a wide... more

Code: SPR133ASS
Price £178.25 ex VAT
(£213.90 inc VAT)

1000kg Bag of White DeIcing Salt Bulk bags of white deicing salt delivered directly to your business or home. A... more

From £130.23 ex VAT
(£156.28 inc VAT)

Snowblade Hand Snow Plough The Dakota Snowblade is light, easy and safe to use. The blade is at a fixed... more

Code: SHO133SPSP
Price £122.50 ex VAT
(£147.00 inc VAT)

1.5kg Winter Wizard Deicer Salt Sticks A convenient, lightweight, easy to store and use, individually packed... more

From £9.99 ex VAT
(£11.99 inc VAT)

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