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Deicing Salts

Don’t be caught out by another big winter freeze! White Deicing Salt leaves little or no ground residue that can be trampled into cars and buildings, where it will leave you with another cleaning headache.

We have selected top-quality deicing salts to offer every size of organisation the perfect cost-effective deicing solution for any particular application. And with the potential for another icy nightmare in mind, we are offering some terrific discounts for bulk purchases on our range of effective ice melter products.

Wherever you need hard-working snow salt, we have the product to keep your employees and visitors safely on their feet and your vehicles on the move. You’re only a click away from deicing your way through another nasty winter!

White De-Icing Salt -15kg Bags White Deicing Salt is by far the most cost-effective and clean ground surface... more

Code: ICE13315
Price £8.50 ex VAT
(£10.20 inc VAT)

Brown Rock Salt - 25kg Bags 25kg bags of Brown Rock Salt for deicing frozen pathways, driveways, roads and... more

Code: ICE13325BRS
Price £10.50 ex VAT
(£12.60 inc VAT)

Pallets of White De-Icing Salt A highly efficient cost-effective and clean ground surface de-icer, sold in... more

From £114.24 ex VAT
(£137.09 inc VAT)

1000kg Bag of White DeIcing Salt Bulk bags of white deicing salt delivered directly to your business or home. A... more

Code: ICE1331000
Price £176.00 ex VAT
(£211.20 inc VAT)

Carriage Prices - Orders over £100 ex VAT Free. Up to 1kg £2.95 ex VAT. Above 1kg only £6.50 ex VAT.
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