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Rock Salt Spreaders

Be ready for another hard winter with our rock salt spreaders, available now at wholesale prices and next day delivery!

Every broadcast spreader in our range of sturdy rock salt spreaders is built to take tough winters head on, and keep you, your staff and clients safely on the move. All our grit spreaders are built using materials impervious to rust and corrosion, and most are mounted on sturdy pneumatic tyres.  Our salt spreading equipment will make the most cost-effective use of your ice melting supplies – including winter wizard ice melt, rock salt, grit, sand and similar high-volume products. We offer a variety of sizes, so we’re sure to have exactly the grit spreader for you  – but quality is common to them all.

If you’re not sure which model would suit you best, find out more by logging on for live chat, or calling one of our helpful staff on 01724 281044.

Magnum BLS240P Spreader for 4 x 4 The Magnum BLS240P Spreader for 4 x 4 is a heavy duty and highly practical... more

Code: SPR134MAG1
Price £921.41 ex VAT
(£1,105.69 inc VAT)

Magnum BLS240P Spreader with Forklift Attachment This Magnum BLS240P Spreader is supplied with an attachment that makes it... more

Code: SPR134MAG2
Price £1,189.55 ex VAT
(£1,427.46 inc VAT)

2130 Commercial Rock Salt Spreader The 2130 is a Commercial grade heavy duty spreader specifically designed for... more

Code: SPR1342130
Price £283.75 ex VAT
(£340.50 inc VAT)

Atlas 2 Rock Salt Spreader The Atlas II rock salt spreader utilises a rotating disk to give a wide 3metre... more

Code: SPR133A2SS
Price £249.95 ex VAT
(£299.94 inc VAT)

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