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1 Kg Automatic Fire Extinguishers

The round-the-clock fire protection offered by our 1kg automatic fire extinguishers never sleeps – so that you can! Every 1kg automatic extinguisher we offer is designed to work in unsupervised confined spaces such as boat engine compartments, computer and telecoms rooms and storage facilities for high-value items.

The contents of these fire extinguishers varies to suit your fire risk risk, which means we can supply dry powder extinguishers for fighting fires of Class A, B and C – burning solids, liquids and gases – or involving live electrical equipment. We also have a gas supression extinguisher – the FE36 fire suppression unit, which will snuff out fires without leaving a residue, making it perfect for protecting valuable or sensitive equipment.

All these red fire extinguishers come in a robust powder-coated body. If you’re unsure which you need, check out fire safety advice pages or call the team on 01724 281044 for more information.

1kg Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher 1kg Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher for use in small, unmanned... more

Code: EXT002AP1
Price £24.25+vat

Automatic Fire Extinguisher - 1kg Dry Powder This automatic extinguisher is a fully refillable stored pressure fire... more

Code: EXT014APS1
Price £23.25+vat

1kg ABC Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher 1kg ABC Powder Automatic Fire Extinguishers - manufactured in Britain and ideal... more

Code: EXT170AP1
Price £25.25+vat

1kg Clean Agent Automatic Fire Extinguisher 1kg Clean Agent Automatic Fire Extinguishers - manufactured in Britain, clean... more

Code: EXT170CA1
Price £69.25+vat

Carriage Prices - Orders over £100 ex VAT Free. Up to 1kg £2.95 ex VAT. Above 1kg only £6.50 ex VAT.
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