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5Kg Co2 Fire Extinguishers

Perfect for larger computer rooms, garages, fuel stores and offices, a 5kg Co2 fire extinguisher is the one for fighting fires involving flammable liquids or close to sensitive electrical equipment. The high-capacity red fire extinguisher is effective and easy to handle – the swivelling horn makes it easy to direct the contents at the fire, and the double skin of the horn protects the operator’s hands from the extreme cold involved.

IMPORTANT: Co2 extinguishers put fires out by starving them of oxygen. They don’t cool fires, so mustn’t be used on burning materials like wood or paper. Those fires need powder extinguishers or water extinguishers. If you’re unsure which is best for you, look at our fire safety advice pages for guidance – or log in for live chat.

5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher with a high fire rating for use on Class B and... more

From £56.25+vat

Alloy Steel 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher Alloy Steel 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher for use tackling fires that involve... more

From £47.25+vat

5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher with Free Sign FREE WHITE RIGID ID SIGN WITH THIS FIRE EXTINGUISHER. (Worth £2.50 ex... more

From £60.31+vat

5kg Polished Aluminium Co2  fire extinguisher A stylish alternative for architecturally sensitive environments and design-led... more

From £109.25+vat

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