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Small Fire Extinguishers

Lack of space is no reason not to have the protection of one of our fire extinguishers. The perfect solution for kitchens, cars, caravans and motorhomes, these small fire extinguishers all weigh less than a kilo, but are big enough to fight a range of fires. We’ve even created different bundles with our home and leisure fire extinguisher pack, or with a fire blanket in the home and leisure fire safety pack.

With models to suit Class A, B and C fires, the risks you’re likely to encounter during leisure activities are all covered. These small fire extinguishers are conveniently stored and easy to operate. And what’s more, they’re in our warehouse awaiting your order. If you’re not sure which fire extinguisher is best for you, click our fire safety advice pages,  where there’s loads of helpful information, or log on for live chat to speak with one of our customer service team.

600g ABC Aerosol Powder Extinguisher in Silver or Red These 600g ABC Powder Aerosol Hand Held Fire Extinguishers have a lightweight... more

From £12.70+vat

Home and Leisure Fire Extinguisher Pack The Home and Leisure Fire Extinguisher Pack is ideal for use in all parts of... more

Code: EXT158FEP
Price £18.99+vat

Home and Leisure Fire Safety Pack The Home and Leisure Fire Safety Pack is ideal for use in all parts of the... more

Code: EXT158FSP
Price £20.44+vat

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