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Dry Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

We have three dry powder extinguishers in our range of wheeled fire extinguishers – and they’re almost like having a small but powerful private fire engine. And that’s just as well: Ship’s Wheel approval makes these powder extinguishers excellent tools to have where a conventional fire engine couldn’t reach you – aboard ship. They are all approved to EN 1866, MED and PED Approved.

The largest is a 100kg dry powder extinguisher on a tough tubular steel frame, packed with no-nonsense fire fighting protection against fires of Classes A, B and C – involving paper wood, petrol, oil, and gases such as butane.

The range is completed by two more fire extinguishers on tubular steel trollies; one at 50kg and the other at 25kg. All three have rugged ‘go-anywhere’ wheels, making them equally suitable for a variety of industrial and construction locations.

25kg Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguisher The 25kg powder wheeled fire extinguisher has a wide range of applications in... more

Code: EXT014PSPW025
Price £379.25+vat

50kg Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguisher A popular choice, the 50kg Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguisher is suited for... more

Code: EXT014PSPW050
Price £429.25+vat

100kg Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguisher The 100kg Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguisher is suitable for construction, marine... more

Code: EXT014PSPW100
Price £624.25+vat

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