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White Fire Extinguishers

The discreet lightweight aluminium body of this 600ml white fire extinguisher makes it unobtrusive in your kitchen or caravan, where it’s always on hand to fight deep fat fires.

Although it’s an ABF fire extinguisher designed to fight cooking fires, it can be used safely against burning wood, paper or fabric, or flammable liquids like petrol. That means it’s the perfect companion for the kitchen, caravan or barbecue.

To cover every domestic firefighting eventuality we have created a discount-price home and leisure fire extinguisher pack by bundling it with a 600g ABC powder extinguisher that can be used against burning gases.

600ml ABF Aerosol Fire Extinguisher The 600ml ABF Aerosol Fire Extinguisher has a lightweight aluminium body and is... more

Code: EXT158ABFW
Price £10.75+vat

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