A weathered eye on our changing climate

A weathered eye on our changing climate

The leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia blows a rather large hole in the “unequivocal scientific proof” that Global Warming is a reality and primarily a “man made phenomenon”. The hole is nearly as large as the one that appeared in the southern polar ozone layer in the 1980’s – again attributed at the time to mankind’s, or to be fair primarily womankinds, cavalier use of under arm deodorant and air freshener.

There was a mad rush at the time by the great and good, fuelled by the “unequivocal scientific evidence” to ban CFC’s including halon fire extinguishers with little regard to the resultant economic cost and disruption and even less to scientific rigueur. Contrary to the scientific prediction at the time the ozone hole repaired itself within 10 years, the Antarctic did not melt and Milton Keynes stubbornly refused to disappear under the sea. We never hear of the Ozone hole these days, CFC has been replaced by Carbon Dioxide as the destroyer of the world.  Oh and by the way it may seem perverse – no frankly it is perverse – that Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are now Approved worldwide as a replacement for Halon in many applications.

You might gather that I am to the right of agnostic when it comes to such bad science but like many of us who live in the real world I know that forecasters can’t predict the climate accurately for this coming Sunday never mind 2022.  The Worlds climate has been changing constantly for at least the last 3 billion years.  When climatologists proclaim the World’s hottest summer since records began they are talking over a period no older than the record in a Ford Popular log book.

What we do know for certain is winter comes every year and will continue to do so, our sales of polo shirts will take a seasonal dive as customers opt in favour of warm Fleeces and sales of snow shovels and deicer will rocket.

The scientists and politicians clearly have a vested interest in painting us a bleak future but that will not divert us from ensuring we have a safer tomorrow.



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