Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

I was reading an article in my local paper the other day about some Musical Christmas trees that B&Q had recalled due to a fault that carried a potential fire risk. Despite the recall some of the trees have apparently managed to find their way into public hands.

So what would happen if your Christmas tree caught fire? Would you have the necessary fire precautions to extinguish the fire?

Most households today at least have a smoke alarm but it is imperative that you check the batteries regularly or if connected into the mains you carry out a manual test on a regular basis.

Another useful precaution against fire is to have a 1kg fire extinguisher or a 2kg fire extinguisher in the kitchen. As Fire extinguishers are portable they can be quickly redeployed if you experience an unexpected fire elsewhere in the house such as a fire caused by an electrical fault with your Christmas tree lights or as in the B & Q case the control box on a Musical Christmas Tree. Provided you have safe passage to your kitchen a fire extinguisher could be an invaluable aid to extinguish the fire.

Of course it’s wise to take sensible precautions. I always turn my Xmas lights out at night and make sure that the tree is properly supported and away from sources of heat – particularly Christmas candles.



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  • Tony Reply

    Just to note on the type of fire extinguisher best suited to a kitchen. An ABC dry powder fire extinguisher is the most versatile as it is effective on burning solids, liquids and gases. A note of caution however – Dry Powder is not effective on chip pan fires. Unless you are going to invest in a Wet Chemical extinguisher having a fire blanket handy to smother burning pans is a good idea. You can find all these products on the Fire and Safety Centre Website – except the Christmas Tree.

    November 20, 2008 at 5:52 pm

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