Driving home from a business seminar in the dark early last evening I was complaining to myself about how short the days were and how long it would be before we saw the first beginnings of spring with that magical sight of the first snow drops, crocuses and then daffodils.

Without wanting to give the impression that I wasn’t concentrating on my driving I then proceeded to narrowly miss a cyclist who suddenly appeared in my headlights in dark clothing and no lights on the bike – their personal survival reliant just on a small rear reflector! Thankfully for both of us a collision was avoided but it made me bemoan the recklessness of some people when it comes to their personal health and safety. In a society that some would argue has gone health and safety mad this individual obviously had scant regard for their own safety or that of others.

Lights are obviously a must on a bicycle at this time of year but wearing light visible clothing or better still a Hi-Vis reflective jacket or vest is more than worthwhile.  Hi Visibility workwear is available from Fire and Safety Centre for just that purpose i.e. to make sure you can be seen in the dark and also to allow you to be seen clearly in the workplace. Thinking about this it also occurs to me that Hi Vis vests would also be ideal for school children who have to walk to school or queue at bus stops..

On a lighter note – pardon the pun – I was flicking through a mail order catalogue that arrived through the post and of all things it had suggestions for Christmas presents for dogs – and what was in there? A hi-vis jacket for a dog!! Guess what I’ll be buying my dog for Christmas. You’ve got it – a bike.



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